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Forza 5 crashes on specific track every time, broken since launch.

The following is an email I sent to a support email and also posted on the Forza Motorsport forums.  I needed to post it here because the folks at @XboxSupport have been the only ones to be truly responsive to my issues.  However, I can not keep describing the whole issue 140 characters at a time since each new day I encounter a new person who needs me to start over with them.
I keep the whole twitter thread link saved here:
Anyone reading this for the first time, please review that thread and the youtube video I discuss.  I have also extensively explained the issues in the linked forum posts.
What is very clear is that every time I install the game, the install appears to not completely work and at least one track will never load for me (no matter the game type, car, or user profile).  That track (so far it has been one per download but it doesn’t have to be.  Other Forza Motorsport forum users report problems with more than one) will crash forever, on any race type, mode, or user profile until i delete and redownload the game.
The problem is I can not get a clean download where I can prove every track works.  Each time, it may be a different track that is corrupt.  I still think it is possible for more than one to be corrupt.
So far no one appears to be able to help me.  I have had this problem since launch, although it took awhile to figure it out, and since Dec 8th I have been keeping meticulous notes about it.
We are almost at a month since launch and it is getting really annoying when you think about the hard earned money you've spent on a console and a game and the vendor of that game will either censor or refuse to respond to your pleas to help them troubleshoot the game.
They have the money already so perhaps that explains that...