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Functional Programming Starters

Here are some links I want to save regarding getting more proficient with functional programming.

Try F# right in your browser -

Try Haskell right in your browser -

F Sharp for fun and Profit – Scott Wlaschin –

A Functional Architecture in F# – Mark Seemann builds an ASP.NET Web API in F#, JUST F#, but along the way he gives a great practical overview of why functional programming will improve your applications.
(Requires Pluralsight subscription)

Functional programming design patterns by Scott Wlaschin -

Underscore -
A library with functional helpers that will help ease your transition to thinking functionally and using collections effectively.

How did I get started coding?

In the 80’s, it became common for personal computers to be sitting out on store shelves with some kind of green scrawling of characters sitting naked in an ocean-like black display.  These new personal computers would be turned on and available for you to type on.  The Commodore 64, VIC-20, TRS-80, and Atari PC models would be beckoning you at local department stores.

I am kicking myself right now trying to remember what the Atari PC screens would display after booting.  My faint memory was that it said “READY” when they were booted.  Almost every time I walked by, someone would have typed their name in only to be greeted by a response of “SYNTAX ERROR”.  What were you supposed to do with these things?

One day, I saw someone actually using the thing. More...

Teaching Others to Code

In 2006, I moved to southeastern Pennsylvania.  Just a year later I discovered Philly.NET, the leading Microsoft developer user group in the Philadelphia area.  I was inspired by the brilliant presentations given by the local leaders, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft evangelists. 

It took me about another year to decide I wanted to join the ranks of dedicated speakers at their Code Camps and I started off by presenting how you could write games for the new Windows Phone 7 operating system.  I stuck with the game talks for awhile, but I’ve also been hard at work talking about ASP.NET features.  I use ASP.NET on the job and I enjoy game development as a hobby, so I’ve been on these parallel tracks.

Teaching other developers

What this means, essentially, is that I’ve been teaching development techniques or tools to other developers.More...