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Global Azure Bootcamp - Azure Web Apps


App Service QuickStart in Visual Studio with .NET Framework


Make sure you research pricing yourself.  These links are quick pointers and you will want to make sure you understand what you get charged for.  Don't forget you have to delete (not stop) on the paid tiers (Shared, Basic, Standard, Premium) the Azure Web App to avoid charges.

Pricing Information for Azure Web Apps

For all Pricing Tier limits and details, see the Azure Subscription Service Limits

Debugging Azure Web Apps
We didn't discuss this in the talk, but you can remote debug right into a running Azure Web App.  It's pretty easy with Visual Studio.  This blog post will show you how.

Sample Repositories Deployed on Azure Web Sites

.NET Core

It sounded like some folks had an interest in .NET Core that I wanted to include the documentation link here, where you can learn all about developing for .NET Core on Windows or elsewhere and using the ASP.NET MVC Core and Entity Framework Core.