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Modding Minecraft With Your Kids

To get started with Modding for Minecraft for Windows 10, you have two basic options:

Younger kids might enjoy the MakeCode solution at:

The instructions here will help you set up MakeCode and connect it to Windows 10.  You probably won't be able to share these adventures with friends for some time, but it's a good way to learn basics of programming with blocks or JavaScript.

You can also try the new Minecraft Scripting API which is found here:

This is not the most well-documented thing ever invented, but you can get help from someone who created an npm package to do the hard work for you:

His introductory video on how to use this is here:

There are other videos you can watch to add more features to your scripts.

Series from TheSourceCode:

Cure your Fear of Git - TechBash 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk Cure Your Fear of Git at TechBash 2019.

I keep my materials in a git repository for the conference.  This is easier than updating a blog post as things change or attendees ask questions I will get to later.  At some point, I may move the content to the blog and remove the link and repository.  But for now, head here to get the slides and notes: