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3D Game Development: Sculpting Worlds with Unity

Last night at Philly GameWorks in Malvern, we learned the basics of using the Unity game engine to create an outdoor world you can then explore using standard first person gaming controls.

We’ll be working more with Unity and other game engines at the meetup, and we want to see you there.  There should be no worries that you haven’t been keeping up as we strive to have meetups that cater to the beginner and the Philly GameWorks enthusiast.

(You can download this ZIP file stored on Dropbox and run the Windows executable if you want to see the product. Hopefully that works for you if you are interested:

We hadn’t written a single line of script code and we had built a world that we could explore in a first person viewpoint complete with a beautiful sky, mountains, hills, trees, grass and environmental sounds.


We used the standard installed Character Controller package to insert a First Person Controller that you could use to walk around your creation when playing the game right inside Unity.


Finally, after we placed an environment sound of birds in a nearby tree, I introduced a script to help loop the sound with a delay in between.  Here is that script.  It is attached to the Audio Source:

We’re going to continue with the series learning about Unity on February 26th, when we will cover the new GUI tools in Unity 4.6, monetization and using the build tools to put the game on devices as well as your laptop.

Hope you can join us!  See the Philly GameWorks schedule of upcoming events.

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