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Code Camp NYC - The Real Time Web with SignalR

Thanks to everyone for attending my session on SignalR.  I talked about quite a few things in the session that I linked to below.

If you’re looking for links to materials for SignalR, here they are!

PowerPoint Slides (Looks like DropBox will open these for you now right in your browser)

These days I’ve really latched onto using GitHub as the place to update these demos with new techniques and ideas.  Combine that with continuous deployment and I hope to soon be able to provide people with working code and running samples.

Chatter Demo

[View on GitHub] - Clone Url:
Demonstrates SignalR basics.
Also includes Windows 8 Store version to demonstrate cross-platform capabilities of SignalR as your backend.

Stock Ticker Demo

[View on GitHub]  Clone Url:
Demonstrates IHubContext so you can make calls to clients from outside a SignalR Hub.
Demonstrates how you can avoid putting your business or simulation logic in SignalR Hubs.

Game Board Demo

[View on GitHub]  Clone Url:
Demonstrates self-hosting SignalR in a Console app.
Demonstrates cross-origin request support with the client web pages originating from a separate MVC project.

Videos to watch

Building Real-time Web Apps with ASP.NET SignalR (Build 2012)

Scaling the Real-time Web with ASP.NET SignalR (Build 2013)

Under the covers with ASP.NET SignalR (NDC 2013)

dotNetConf 2014 SignalR – Introduction to SignalR as part of the online dotNetConf

Understanding SignalR Performance (NDC 2014) – Talks about how to think about wringing the best performance and how to measure

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