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Hands On with SignalR - Philly.NET

Thanks to everyone who came to see Nick Berardi and I introduce SignalR development to you.

A reminder that the link to the materials for tonight are here: Hands-On Materials

I have placed the "extended" Word document in the zip, but left the project in it's original state.  

How many people would like to see the architecture fleshed out?  I mentioned in the talk that I held off separating the StockTicker and the HubContext because I thought it would detract from learning about SignalR, but I firmly believe you can keep your current systems decoupled as long as they have a way to subscribe or notify others of pertinent changes.  I might work on that just to have a solid reference for how you use this technology in the real business world.  Too many people start thinking SignalR couples too tightly to your logic, but it doesn't have to be this way!

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