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Philly.NET Code Camp 2013.2 - SignalR

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk about using SignalR “in the real world.”  Besides being an introduction to SignalR for everyone who’s curious about this technology, we talked about some more advanced scenarios I have experience with, including using the IHubContext interface to broadcast from outside a SignalR Hub and the exciting “cross platform” scenario that is enabled by the several SignalR clients out there.

I wanted to start getting all the code we looked at up on github.  I will continue to update this post until all the samples we saw are ready for you to try. – This is the repository holding the chat web app and windows store app.  They should work together.

I did develop these projects in Visual Studio 2013, which has built in Git support and it is a lot easier to clone the projects directly from GitHub and begin working.  If you have a need for Visual Studio 2012 support, please let me know.

Up next, I need to get the StockTicker sample (modifying an existing service) up and finally the “game board” sample where you could move game tokens around a sample grid.

Coming soon are my tutorial writeups for those who didn’t make the code camp talk!

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