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SignalR Lightning Round

Thanks for attending Philly.Net’s 15 minutes of Fame with our fast paced topical talks in fifteen minutes each.

If you’re looking for links to materials for SignalR, here they are!

Chatter Demo

[View on GitHub]
Demonstrates SignalR basics.
Also includes Windows 8 Store version to demonstrate cross-platform capabilities of SignalR as your backend.

Stock Ticker Demo

[View on GitHub]
Demonstrates IHubContext so you can make calls to clients from outside a SignalR Hub.
Demonstrates how you can avoid putting your business or simulation logic in SignalR Hubs.

Videos to watch

Building Real-time Web Apps with ASP.NET SignalR (Build 2012)

Scaling the Real-time Web with ASP.NET SignalR (Build 2013)

Under the covers with ASP.NET SignalR (NDC 2013)

dotNetConf 2014 SignalR

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