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Visual Studio 2015 is here! How’s ASP.NET 5 coming?

Visual Studio 2015 is RTM today and there was a live launch event.  Besides a typical keynote highlighting new features, there was also an in-depth feature about building a real application with the new Visual Studio.  Along the way there were tons of great interviews and tidbits of information.

I don’t want to forget everything I looked at today, so frankly this post is mostly about keeping track of all the links to look at over the next few weeks:

Recordings of the Release Event

Page one is filled with sequential videos of the keynote and then on toward In The Code, the special feature I was mentioning earlier.  If you skip over the out-of-place Git Branches and Policies video that got placed first, you can relive the event by watching these videos.

But don’t stop there.  Page two and beyond have more short videos that expose new features of Visual Studio 2015.

Go Get Visual Studio 2015 now

If you just want a free version, get Visual Studio Community.  It’s all the features of Visual Studio Professsional, except it’s free and you can use it on small teams or indie development.  Publish your first app, web site, game, or whatever.

ASP.NET 4.6 and .NET 4.6 RTM

ASP.NET 4.6 is finished and “in the box”.  This release is similar to past releases with some nice new incremental features for WebForms, MVC, Web API and so on.  Alongside is the .NET Framework 4.6.  If you’re a seasoned .NET developer, this will all seem like a familiar upgrade progression.  It works much the same as you remember.

Here’s a nice video describing the updates to Web Forms in ASP.NET 4.6:

Jeff Fritz blogged about ASP.NET 4.6 at the top of this post (that goes into general editor improvements and ASP.NET 5, too)

Okay, so how about ASP.NET 5?

As stated above, Jeff’s post talks about ASP.NET 5 beta 5 being “in the box” of Visual Studio 2015 RTM.  The most important thing to remember here is that ASP.NET 5 is NOT DONE.  I am truly concerned about this and definitely hope the word gets out before people get frustrated with ASP.NET 5 in this release.

But here are some links I want to look at that have to do with this release:

The ASP.NET 5 Roadmap – We have a good release schedule through the end of the year and we’re looking at a possible Q1 2016 release.

The biggest takeaway I got from all of this is SignalR will not be ready.  I’m a big fan of SignalR and I’ve got to dig in and see what we’re going to have and when.  Web Pages also won’t be ready.  I’ve always thought of Web Pages as a gem that is too often overlooked.  There are plenty of web sites that would work just fine just using Web Pages and not getting bogged down in MVC or something larger.

Now, what about stuff Jeff Fritz didn’t blog about?

In an effort not to just reblog here, I loved these videos on ASP.NET 5:

Up and Running with ASP.NET on Linux – Mark Rendle  - Entertaining and informative.  One thing it really brought home (unintentionally) is how the age of package managers makes us that much more dependent on being always online.

Omnisharp: .NET sans Microsoft – Mathew McLoughlin – Nice look at using the other editors that are being supported in this really cool open source project (plus Visual Studio Code).  Makes you want to jump in and and help, doesn’t it?

(Don’t forget to look at the OmniSharp site itself)

Migrating your API from Web API 2 to MVC 6 – Filip W – Awesome and insightful look at how it’s REALLY going to feel when you port a Web API over to MVC 6.


ASP.NET 5 documentation seems to be in a few places.  The team is trying out some different things and still supporting the usual places to find things.

ASP.NET 5 documentation on Read the Docs:

ASP.NET 5 on the ASP.NET site:
Okay, so this isn’t really documentation, but there are some pages here that are documentation like posted by the teams tech writers such as:
Creating a Web API in MVC 6
View components and Inject in ASP.NET MVC 6

And then there’s stuff to read on the wiki in the GitHub repo too

ASP.NET Community Standup

And if you aren’t watching the (usually) weekly ASP.NET Community Standup, then WHY NOT?

ASP.NET Community Standup YouTube Playlist

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