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Windows 8 Camp - Harrisburg Area Community College

Thanks to everyone for attending the Windows 8 Camp at Harrisburg Community College.  I was happy to present on JavaScript development for Windows Store and also on How Windows Store Apps run.

I also want to extend a hearty thank you for bearing with us as we worked through the difficulties to get the camp started.

Instead of posting the code and slides like usual, I want to direct you to the Windows 8 "Camp In A Box" which is the same content.  The samples and slides were pulled from the presentations and labs in that series.  It is preferred that I direct you to the full package rather than give you what I culled to fit in fifty minute presentations.

Windows 8 "Camp In A Box"

The Windows 8 "Camp In A Box" is a download that gives you all the content that can jumpstart your learning (or speaking) about Windows 8 Store development.  You'll recognize my content from this package.  You can download it for C#/XAML development or JavaScript development for Windows 8.

You can find it here:
Windows 8 Camp In a Box

Building Windows Store Apps with HTML and JavaScript

If you download the "Camp In a Box" for JavaScript (or C#), you will find in the Labs folder a complete walkthrough of many aspects of Windows 8 app development.  You'll notice we only were able to focus on a few small items in 50 minutes and that there is much more that you can do.


Here are some of the links I had in my slides.  The presentations are also in this package, so you can see all the content I presented and much more.

I mentioned that:

  • There are Minor API Differences between IE10 and Windows 8 store apps
  • Different Host. The IE10 host as a web browser and "Chakra" JavaScript Engine as a Windows app host do some things differently.

How Windows Store Apps Run

I tried to take the extra time to show you some capabilities of Windows 8 apps besides just talking about how Windows apps run at a technical level.  There is a wealth of samples readily available for you to look at to learn to do things in any of the available languages (C#, VB, C++, JS)

Windows 8 app samples 

Visual Studio Editions

You need some variant of Visual Studio 2012.  Any of the paid versions (Professional, Premium, Ultimate) will work just fine.  If you would like to use a free version, make sure you get Visual Studio Express for Windows 8.  There are no less than four Visual Studio Express downloads for the types of apps to create (ugh).

You can go straight to the page for Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 but the page is a little busy so make sure you double check. 

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