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Visual Studio 2017 Launch at Philly.NET

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Microsoft Reactor in Philadelphia for tonight's Visual Studio Launch event at Philly.NET.  I mentioned some sites and useful videos in my portion of the demos and I wanted to make sure you had access to everything we talked about.

You can get Visual Studio 2017 at

For more information on installation, see the documentation for Visual Studio 2017:

Someone asked about the different usage of the Visual Studio Installer over using Add/Remove Programs to modify your installation.  Here are the official documents on that, which indicate that you want to use the "Visual Studio Installer" to modify the installation now:

You can make your own offline installer following the instructions in Scott Hanselman's post at:

You can learn more about Live Unit Testing at a few blog entries:

From the Visual Studio Blog:

Steve Smith demonstrates the feature:

For a more conversational video about productivity in Visual Studio 2017, Kasey Uhlenhuth and Mads Torgensen discuss it in this video available on Channel 9:

Don't forget to sign up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials.  There are benefits for everyone, even if you don't own a Visual Studio Subscription.  Offers for free training and Azure credits are a great way to get up to speed on things:

Someone asked about the installation issues they had with Visual Studio 2017.  I didn't have similar issues so I didn't have any experience to help, but I do know the place to ask for help is at the forums for Visual Studio:

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